Pharm@Sea aims to provide exceptional, accessible and innovative pharmacy and healthcare services to all that visit the pharmacy, from outpatients, visitors and staff of the hospital, to the community in and around Sussex.

We provide the following core services:
  • Health advice

  • Disposal of unwanted medicines

  • Our staff are always available to advise you on self-care and the use of over-the-counter medicines

  • A full range of medicines, vitamins, healthcare products, everyday toiletries and personal care products for sale

  • Dispensing of private prescriptions at competitive prices

  • Dispensing of hospital outpatient prescriptions

  • Our pharmacists and friendly, trained staff can provide information about your prescription medicines. Courtesy screening and a Consultation Room ensure your privacy

  • If you are looking for help in other health and social service sectors, we are able to direct you to someone that can help

Enhanced Services

We are also pleased to offer the following enhanced services to all of our visitors:


We dispense all outpatient prescriptions prescribed across Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust

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Stop Smoking

We provide expert advice, support and encouragement to help you stop smoking for good

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Flu Vaccines

Our convenient drop-in service saves you having to book an unnecessary appointment to see your GP for the flu jab

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